Multi Culturalism: The Present Scenario and Its Challenges in India

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Santana Saikia


Multiculturalism is an amalgamation of different races, nationalities, languages, religions, classes, gender, etc. It’s a view that people from different cultures have equal rights. It’s geared toward assuming a common political culture that all can participate in. It supports cultural coexistence. Multiculturalism is a philosophy of evidence, acceptance of Different culture under a same jurisdiction. India is a land of diversity. It is a blend of multi religious and ethnic group. Every state has not only their language but they have their different food habits, dress code, religion, culture etc. The cultural diversity of India has been saved by its long history it’s geography and diverse demography. India has historically been a multicultural society. North-East is one of the most Culturally diverse areas of the world. It is the home to about 200 tribes. The term unity in diversity fits perfectly with the regional landscape. Since every linguistic community irrespective of their size and population in northeast nurture idiosyncrasies their cultures. This Article is an effort to look at the multiculturalism in Indian society, ethnic groups and its contemporary challenges.


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