Role Of Multiple Information Sources in Customer Satisfaction- A Study with Special Reference to Two-Wheeler Customers in Chennai City

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The source of information is very important for all types of customers before they take their purchase decision. Particularly during the purchase of two wheelers that customers are very ridiculous in searching the various information sources through both off-line as for as online sources. They have the intention to maintain good acquaintances with all the information sources and also tried to cross verify them in the form of testing. Some of the consumers visit the manufacturers of two wheelers and thoroughly investigate required information regarding to readers and verify with the advertisement attributes of two wheelers. In the technological world THE social media platforms, Internet sources are playing a very important vital role in offering best information to their customers before they make their purchase of two wheelers. In order to search the information through both off-line and online customers or duty-bound to spend some considerable time to seek the information with full transparency and to the gate that satisfaction pertaining to informationBakos, Yannis (1997),.

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