Impact Of Harmful Advertisement on Changing Behavior of Children – A Study with Reference to Chennai City

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V. Mahalakshmi, Dr. M. Thaiyalnayaki


In any society in the world Children are playing vital role for building a future society. Parents always consider their children are their expendable assets.  Children receive their knowledge through the process of socialization, and they consider their parents as the first teacher to learn their behavior. In South Asia, The Indian children are replete with more knowledge and IQ and they are accessible to more TV advertisements, other advertisements in their day to day life. The advertisements, messages, information have their potentiality to completely change the behavior of children in the process of socialization. The main aim of this study is to test the influence of harmful advertisement in changing the behavior attitude of children. This study depends upon the primary data obtained through a research questionnaire. Convenience sampling method is applied to collect the 472 responses in the popular metropolitan city of Chennai. The subsequent usage of t-test- reliability test, factor analysis, linear multiple regression analysis and structural equation model revealed that the harmful advertisements create the desire among the children and simultaneously put a lot of pressure on parents. The marketers use very young children as their brand ambassador to reach the psychology of children. They also use some popular cartoon characters, fantasy characters to influence the child to concentrate more on their product.


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