Isan Performing Arts: Higher Education Institutions to The Creation of The Show

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Natthakrit Chaichinda, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sarawadee Phuchomsri, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kritsada Wongkhamchan


Isan Performing Arts: Higher education institutions to the creation of the show have an objective to study the concept of creating Isan Performing Arts from Isan literature of higher education institutes in the north-eastern region of Thailand. The offer courses are on acting art, Thai acting art, classical Thai dance, local dance, local art dance, and Performing Arts. There was a total of 12 institutes in which the researcher studied information from literature reviews. Related research also entered the areas (fieldwork) of the population groups, consisting of knowledgeable groups, practitioners, and related groups, through the use of interviews, observation, group discussion, and assessment tools, to analyze and synthesize data using Poetica theory.

The results show that the concept of creating Isan performing arts from the literature of 12 educational institutes determines the scope of education that emphasizes identity in the province at that institution. It is concentrated on responding to university policies in terms of requiring the study of local-specific literature or emphasizing the process of applying it that affects communities and institutes. However, the researcher also found that in such creations, the uniqueness of the performance is also emphasized because of the need to create a performance that is uniquely related to the educational institution. Even if they are in the same story or in the same literary story, but when presenting the performance, music melody, costume, also presents the dance process during the duration of the show. It was determined by the field of study of each institution. Only once it is approved by advisors or faculty members in the field of study will it be eligible to enter the creation period and present the progress of 50% 80% and 100% before actually showing to the expert committee, to hear about criticism or suggestions, in order to improve it at the next level.


The researcher synthesized the conceptual framework as follows:

  1. Before the production period of creative performance, it consisted of conditional framing for the creation of performing arts, determining the purpose of creating Isan performing arts, determination of inspiration, and framing the main idea of the show.

  2. The creative period of the performance consists of reflecting the uniqueness of stories and characters from Isan literature, the design of the structure in the show, and the design of elements in the show, which consists of casting and dancing process design. This section can be classified into four categories. The dancing process is purely Isan style, the dancing process that bends as requested, and Isan dance style mixed with other traditions. Isan dance was mixed with dramatical, song lyrics and melody design, costume and scene design, performance props/equipment and unique techniques, performance practice, refinement, and theatrical performances.

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