The Importance of Sports in Rapprochement Between Peoples

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Fahad saeed alkindi


The study aimed at answering the questions: what are the moral values that can be acquired through sports? What is the role of sport in the rapprochement between peoples? The study dealt with the concept of study and the moral and social values that can be acquired through sport. Sport is for peace and peaceful coexistence: life in its essence is peace with oneself, with others, and with the physical environment. Peace ranges in scope from peace between states and peoples to individuals within a family or group and finally with the person himself. Sport and rapprochement between peoples Sport have made many effective contributions throughout its history in the way of resolving problems between conflicting parties internationally, due to its nature as a paving and appropriate mediator and a factor in the intensity of conflicts, and a natural entrance to international meetings, as well as its ability to announce and transcend conflict factors and convert them to fair competitions.                                                                              

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