A Lightweight Symmetric Cryptography based User Authentication Protocol for IoT based Aquaculture Monitoring System

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Alumuru.Mahesh Reddy, Machiraju.Kameswara Rao


IoT is being used in a variety of settings; including tele-care, intelligent home and transportation systems. IoT device data is stored on remote servers, and access to the data requires external users to authenticate with the server. To ensure the long-term health of the network in IoT environments, the authentication procedure must be quick, secure against a variety of attacks, and retain user anonymity and untraceability. Many existing protocols recommended for IoT contexts, on the other hand, do not match these requirements. A user authentication technique based on paring, this approach is vulnerable to attacks that target known session-specific temporary data, impersonation, privileged insider, and offline password guessing attacks, according to our findings. Furthermore, because their approach employs bilinear pairing, it necessitates a high level of computation and communication. A unique authentication system that overcomes these security issues in this paper. To be suitable in IoT contexts, the proposed approach solely employs hash and exclusive-or operations. The proposed protocol to current authentication protocols using informal and formal analytical approaches such as the BAN logic, real-or-random (ROR) model, and AVISPA simulation, and demonstrate the recommended protocol's improved performance and security. As a result, the suggested protocol is long-term and suited for real-world IoT scenarios.

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