The Future of Durrës - Smart University&Smart City

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PhD. Eng.Alma Stana, PhD. Eng.. Luciana Toti, Phd. Robert Kosova, PhD. Fatmira Prodani


The Internet of Things and Smart Cities as recent phenomena have attracted the attention of both the academic world and industry. The present city life has become a difficult challenge to citizens, to city management and performance as a result of urban development. Some of the most critical problems and issues to manage today are; energy, water, education, unemployment, health, urban waste, pollution, traffic, information, etc.Smart cities are expected to address these challenges efficiently by using, among other things, information and communication technologies. Smart cities of today and tomorrow have these characteristics: smart economy, smart governance, smart environment, and smart living. SC and IoT, which have different origins, are closing towards each other to achieve a common goal. IoT has also gained significant development by connecting billions of sensors to the Internet and it is expected to use them as efficient and effective management in Smart Cities. Today, infrastructure, software applications, and platforms are offered as successful services using cloud technologies. In this paper, we will investigate the importance and the utilization of Smart City and how it fits with the Internet of Things. Our goal is to inspect the idea of the smart city in technological, financial, and social points of view and to perceive some significant challenges and issues in our city - Durrës.


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