Knowledge of antenatal women regarding Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

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Ms. Archana Admute


“Motherhood” such a special experience that every women get to experiences. It should go smoothly and happily, It should be the aim of every country. Every mother should be healthy throughout the pregnancy and also during her postpartum period. She should not experience any kind of burden that may be emotional, physical or financial. This Pradhan Mantri matritva Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) also tries to makes the pregnancy and postpartum period safe and beautiful. This scheme provides conditioned cash benefits of 5000 to pregnant and lactating mothers for once.  So this time period should go smoothly. It is always beneficial if pregnant women has a good knowledge about the scheme. The study aimed to assessthe knowledge regarding PMMVY among pregnant mothers. The data was collected via Google form from 125 antenatal women. Methodology: An online study was conducted to assess the knowledge  regarding PMMVY among antenatal women; the study design was a descriptive survey method. The data was collected via google form by sending a link of structured questionnaires to the pregnant women via a convenient sampling technique. Result: The result of the study revealed that 51% of antenatal mothers had excellent knowledge, 36% had good knowledge , and 13% of the pregnant women’s had poor knowledge  regarding PMMVY. Conclusion: The present study revealed that the majority of the group had excellent awareness regarding PMMVY. The present study recommends that a similar study be carried out on the husband and other family members, also a similar analysis can be done on a large group of pregnant women.

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