Classification and Common Topics of Anime

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Sicong Wang, Parichart Kluensuwan


Anime has become more and more popular in during the recent years. And is being welcomed by both the children and the adults. With so many works form the past and present, people need tools to help them choose what they would like to enjoy. In such case, the classification and topics are the tools they that help them fulfill their wish.

The aim of this article is to study the classification and common topics of anime, conclude the ways that people used to classify anime works and the common topics that are most welcomed by the audience and have the most numbers of works.

This research will use the method of literature review to summarize the classification of anime, and will use the method of data analysis to conclude the common topics of anime after 1990s. The data to be analyzed are collected from the four biggest online anime data bases of AniDB, Anikore, Bangumi, My Anime List.

The research results were found as follows;

  1. There are basically five standards of classifying anime works that are often used;

  2. The most common topics of anime are: Adventure, Comedy, Daily life, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance, School, Science Fiction;

  3. Audiences from different areas enjoy anime works of different topics;

  4. People often confuse classification with topics and other elements when talking about anime works.

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