Assessment of water quality by monitoring different water parameters of Narmada River Madhya Pradesh, India

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Rajesh Kochara, Dr. Meenakshi Solanki


The macro invertebrate community was found in the different types of micro-habitat and various flowing speed levels in good quality of water of river Narmada consisted mainly of aquatic insects. There are large numbers and wide species of aquatic insects in aquatic habitats make them of great ecological importance. There are three divided strata with total of five sampling location were carried out within several varieties of microhabitats such as sandy, cobble, gravel, leaf and the pool area. Water samples were collected from sampling stations every month and were analysed as per standard methods. Minimum value of Total solids, DO and Chloride was recorded in January month and maximum value in June-July months. The results of present study indicate that physico- chemical parameters of Narmada River are within WHO limits.


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