Bases of Detection, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Stroke with Motor Disorders

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Madjidova Yakuthon Nabievna, Bakhramov Makhmudjon Saydullayevich , Ziyahodjaeva Latofat Uchkinovna , Mukhitdinova Mavdjuda Imadovna , Bakhriev Bakhriddin Rizvonkulovich


Stroke is a particularly serious problem in Asia, which is home to more than 60% of the world's population, and many of its countries are economically "developing" ones [3]. Stroke mortality is higher in Asia than in Western Europe, the Americas, or Australia, with the exception of some countries such as Japan [5]. A better understanding of the burden of stroke in this part of the world will allow an assessment of the magnitude of stroke and its various heterogeneous clinical forms, as well as help with care planning and cost allocation [3].


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