Effects Of Pesticides on Enzyme Activity of Amylase and Phosphatase Enzymes in Soil of Kannauj Region (U.P.) India

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Sarvesh Kumar, Ranvir Singh


Enzymes are vital activators in life processes, likewise in the soil they are known to Play a Substantial role in maintaining soil health and its environment. The laboratory studies were conducted to resolute the effects of pesticides (such as atrazine, paraquat and fluridone) on enzyme activities of amylase and phosphatse soil enzymes in selected soil from different region of Kannauj U.P. (Tehsil: Tirwa, Chhibramau and Kannauj) in rainy season. In the present study, It was observed that an effect of pesticides on enzyme activity of amylase and phosphatase feably decreased as compared to control soil in selected region of Kannauj (U.P.).

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