Influence of Chemical Process and Thermo-Diffusion Effects on Oscillatory MHD Flow in a Porous Medium with Absorption

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R. Kavitha, E. Janaki, R. Thamizharasi


The combined influence of chemical and thermo diffusion on oscillatory flow of electrically conducting incompressible fluid in a symmetric channel through porous medium in the occurrence of a magnetic field is investigated. The governing equations of the flow are formulated on the basis of certain assumptions. Dimensionless equation solutions are realised in closed form, followed by an analytical approach. The numerical computations of the physical parameters Grashof number, Peclet number, Hartmann number, Reynolds number and Soret number were presented graphically to highlight the key features.It has also been observed that velocity increases as flow parameters such as Grashof number and soret number increase. Temperature profiles oscillate as the radiation parameter N changes. It has also been discovered that as the heat source increases, so do the temperature profiles. Concentration profiles decrease as the chemical reaction parameters  and  increase, and the pattern reverses as the Schmidt number Sc increases.It is also observed that velocity is increasing when flow parameters like Grashof number and soret number increase.

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