Effective transformation during Pandemic; Offline to Online via ICT tools

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Phirke Ajay Nilkanth, Prabhudesai Swapnil Anil


The World Health Organization proclaimed a pandemic condition, which forced humanity to learn and adapt to new situations. The education system is one of the systems that has been compelled to adopt and adapt to changes on an almost instantaneous basis. For both instructors and students, the transition from traditional classrooms to online courses was difficult.    This article offers a quantitative method for online lectures using Videos, Instructional Strategy, and Presentation in times of crisis, as well as ideas for dealing with the difficulties associated with online learning. To further determine the impact of digital learning, students were canvassed.

The COVID-19 epidemic has given us the opportunity to lay the groundwork for digital learning. The purpose of this article is to present a complete assessment on the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic on online teaching and learning, as well as to suggest a course of action.

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