Implementation Of Associative Service Recommendation Scheme Applying Sha256 Algorithm Through Blockchain

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K. Pavan Kumar, N. Hemanth Varma , N. Devisree, Md. Shaif Ali


The privacy and security of traditional recommendation systems are limited since user data is frequently kept in centralised databases that are susceptible to hacker assaults and data leaks. This article proposes an associative service recommendation framework that makes use of SHA256 and blockchain technology to offer a safe, decentralised platform for data processing and storage, as well as to offer individualised suggestions based on precise and current user data. In this project, we suggest using blockchain to create an associative service recommendation scheme using the SHA256 algorithm. The suggested system intends to offer a safe, decentralised platform where consumers may get suggestions for customised services. In order to protect user data privacy and security, the system stores and processes user data using a mix of blockchain technology and the SHA256 algorithm. Using simulation trials, the suggested system's performance and security are assessed, proving its viability and efficiency in offering individualised service suggestions while protecting user privacy and security.

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