Analyzing Condition of India's Inland Lakes and Reserves for Fish and Fishing

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Dr. Dev Brat Mishra, Dr. Sandhya Pandey, Dr. Kumud Rai, Prof. V. K. Tripathi


Over the last decade, the decline of the world's fisheries supplies has been a source of widespread anxiety. Creating up to 5.68 percent of the world's fish stock, India is considered the second-largest source of fish assets. Due to recent technological advancements, fishery frameworks have become a more practical and alluring option. Our country's interior fisheries are arguably one of the greatest; they range from icy lakes at high altitude to tropical marsh ponds and lakes. As the cost of maintaining these systems has decreased because to recent mechanical advancements, they have become a more conservative and attractive suggestion. The Fisheries Department is recognized as playing a crucial role in the nation's economic growth.

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