Theoretical study of the fiber separation process in the working area of the sawdust fiber separation machine(gin)

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Ergashev Sharibboy To'lanovich


In this article, a theoretical study of the process of fiber separation in the working area of the colossal grid of a sawed seed fiber separation machine, the fact that the process of saw fiber separation differs from other methods due to its high productivity, the occurrence of defects in the fiber structure as a result of mechanical damage to the cotton seed, cutting, breaking and damage of the fiber increase, decrease in the average staple length of the fiber leads to a decrease in the quality indicators of the produced fiber and seed, and the reduction of the front angle of the saw tooth to 15 ÷ 20 ° allows to extract the fiber from the saw teeth at the minimum speed of the air flow, and to reduce the energy consumption for this, and to separate the fiber ideas and considerations are given for further research to optimize the bevel angle of the front edge of the saw tooth in terms of ease of extraction and reduction of seed damage.


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