Effect of Ultraviolet radiation on mineral composition of hair and nails of mammals (Labrador retriever) in different age group

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Shweta sharma, Roli Agarwal, Babita Agarwal, Anil Kumar Soni


The UV component of sunlight is well known to cause serious issues for skin and hair like photoaging, erythema, edema, skin thickening, wrinkling, loss of shine and strength of hair, etc, by triggering the generation of ROS, degradation of proteins, peroxidation of lipids. When the levels of important elements like  N, P, Ca, Fe, Mg and Cu were estimated in the nails and hair of pet dogs relying on a normal diet, the concentration of all these elements was considerably lower on increasing age of dogs. The data suggest that UV exposure has a negative effect on the concentration of  elements with respect to age.

Objectives : The main objective of current work to study the effect of ultraviolet radiant light on mineral composition of hair and  nails of mammals which is responsible for aging.

Material and method : This study involve two age group of dog variety (Labrador retriever) which having age  (4-6) and (9-12).

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