Psychodiagnostics of psychosomatic diseases

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Narmetova Yulduzxan Karimovna, Melibaeva Ruzaxon Nasirovna, Akhmedova Mukarram Tursunaliyevna, Askarova Nargiza Abduvaliyevna, Umarova Sevara Ravshanovna


The emotional state disorders in patients with psychosomatic illnesses, their role in the severity of the disease and its negative consequences are given in this article. It is noted that various somatic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal diseases are often masked by emotional state disorders, and conversely, in these diseases, emotional sphere disorders hinder the complete recovery of the disease. These cases require the organization of psychological care in the clinic of psychosomatic diseases and the implementation of all psychoprophylactic and corrective measures.

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