The Attitude of Mirzo Ulugbekʼs Towatds to The Philosophy of Tasavvuf

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Kaxxarova Matluba Mannofovna, Xujayev Muminjon Isoxonovich, Mamazova Zarifa Kurbanovna Lawer


The article provides a retrospective analysis of the socio-political, philosophical and scientific views of the thinker Mirzo Ulugbek in the Muslim world.  Based on historical sources, his contribution to the spread of Sufism in the Timurid state is analyzed. Mirzo Ulugbek was a great scholar of Islam and having a great knowledge of the history of science and holds a council with the religious and secular scholars of his madrasa and concludes that there is no contradiction to Islam in the religious and philosophical teachings of Sufism.  As well as if the common attitude towards to Islam in the states of Amir Temur and Mirzo Ulugbeks’ dynasties  who  has investigate  of  historical sources has led to  the ancient and modern researches it is known  to these figures of  Sufism  doctrine.  In our opinion, during the Timurid’s dynasty, their attitude towards to Islam religious was positive in both directions.

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