Methodology Of Teaching Subjects of Physics Based on Software Educational Tools

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Juraev Khusniddin Oltinboyevich, Toshev Yunus Norovich


The progress of science and technology in the world shows that physics plays an important role in the development of modern technologies. Physical knowledge is an important component not only of the society as a whole, but also of the modern culture of each person, especially if the further professional activity of a person is related to science, technology and production technology. In particular, in the trend of concrete and natural sciences presented in the Declaration of Inchon and "Education-2030" international education development action program [1], the personal experience gained during the activities carried out in physics-independent education and the skills and qualifications of students in the study of physics are of great importance in their formation as individuals. In our country, priority tasks such as "creating new textbooks and alternative literature, updating material-technical, laboratory and teaching-methodical support on the basis of improved programs for in-depth study of physics in academic lyceums" [2]. The application of software learning tools and problem-based learning technologies in teaching the "Electrodynamics" department of physics is of great importance in teaching students to think positively. Systematic work is being carried out on the use of software tools in teaching physics to students, the use of interactive methods in the educational process to create problem situations, the selection of suitable problems, the creation of educational resources for the implementation of virtual laboratory work, and the improvement of educational and methodological support for practical application.

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