An Approach for Ranking of Triggering Parameters of Pipeline Failure

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Shantanu Datta*, Sajal Mazumder, Sayan Banerjee, Soumyajit Sadhu, Subham Nandi, Anubhav Karmakar, Purnendu Chandra, Rohit Yadav, Aaquib Shamshi


Pipe line failure is a significant apprehension of researchers and engineers.  Loss of water due to the pipeline failure is a common problem and a demanding challenge. Deficit knowledge of structural mechanism of pipeline and finding appropriate triggering parameters of pipeline failure is a big challenge. There are various parameters are liable for pipeline failure. It is required to understand the most important causing parameter for the failure of pipeline. In this paper a method is established to rank various triggering parameters for pipeline failure using multicriteria decision making matrix. Four influence parameters viz. Pipe age, internal and external loads exerted by soil pressure and traffic load, seasonal climatic variation and corrosion are chosen. These parameters are ranked using three different criteria viz. wastage of energy, reduction in the pipe carrying capacity, increased potential for contamination.  Analytic Hierarchy Process and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution method is used for the multicriteria decision making matrix. From the analysis it is found that the parameter, internal and external loads exerted by soil pressure and traffic load has got first rank among the other triggering parameters for pipeline failure.

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