Sustainable Growth of China’s Standards of English Language Ability from Perspective of Eco-semiotics

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Wei Tian, Parichart Kluensuwan


Researches centered on China’s Standards of English Language Ability from the launch of project to draft it to its implement in 2018 and further up to now, have been done a lot on theoretical basis to construct such national scale, its validity, linking to tests and application to every level of English teaching and learning. However, exploration on semiotic significance leaves blank. Eco-semiotics emphasizes interaction between the subject and factors in its umwelt and then, the subject achieves sustainable growth. So, here, in this paper, CSE is taken as a sign, the subject in its umwelt. CSE can get sustainable growth on the basis of interaction with factors (learners, teachers, researchers and translators) of microscope in its umwelt. In the process of interaction, CSE detects requirements from microscope umwelt and interprets information it gets and makes relevant response, ultimately gain its growth.

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