Computer-Based Performance Assessment and the Effectiveness on Student Performance in Completing Web Development Assignments

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Nyoman Laba Jayanta, Komang Setemen, I Ketut Purnamawan


The era of industrial revolution 4.0 is more emphasis on how to position computers more dominant than humans in completing all existing activities, including activities in the field of education. So far, student assessment is still dominant in the form of tests or assignments that do not involve com-puters in the process. This study aims to develop a computer-based perfor-mance appraisal. This type of research is an implementation research of stu-dent performance appraisal that adopts the 4D model (Define, Design, De-velop and Disseminate). The expert test sample consisted of 1 person from an informatics expert and 1 person from the education sector, especially in the field of educational evaluation. The number of samples from students was taken 20 students who will use the existing system. The data collection method uses a questionnaire. Data analysis is using quantitative and qualita-tive analysis. The results showed that all teachers had planned student as-sessment activities. Teacher collaboration in planning assessments is still low, namely only 30%. In addition, the instruments used by teachers were mostly tests in the form of multiple choice or essays (60%). The other part is the teacher's domination in assessing students is very large, namely 90%. This means that the assessment process is still centered on the teacher and has not involved students in the assessment. So, the strategy for assessing student performance by utilizing a computer, in this case, is Google form, has a good impact on the learning process.


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Nyoman Laba Jayanta, Komang Setemen, I Ketut Purnamawan