The Spread and Development of Liang Zhu In Thailand

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Min Song, Palphol Rodloytuk



This thesis explores the spread and development of the culture of Liang Zhu in Thailand, a symbol and emblem of Chinese culture. It is also a representative of the fruitful foreign dissemination of Chinese culture. By investigating and analyzing the historical background, dissemination methods, and audience acceptance of Liang Zhu culture in Thailand, this paper aims to explore how Liang Zhu culture has been disseminated and adapted in various media and artistic expressions in Thailand and the impact of cross-cultural communication strategies in Sino-Thai cultural communication. This study Using a qualitative research approach, this dissertation collects data and analyzes comprehensively through content analysis of literature, texts, and different media forms featuring Liang Zhu cultures, such as music, stage plays, film and television, and new media, to examine various aspects of the spread of Liang Zhu culture in Thailand, including the history of transmission, ways, and means of transmission, acceptance by Thai audiences, and cross-cultural adaptations in four general directions.

Finally, by providing a comprehensive analysis of the dissemination and development of Liang Zhu culture in Thailand, the complex interplay between cultural transmission, adaptation, and audience reception is highlighted, thus contributing to the field of research on the dissemination of Liang Zhu culture overseas as well as the field of research on cross-cultural communication between Chinese and Thai cultures.


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Min Song, Palphol Rodloytuk