Issues of Public Control in Educational Institutions in the Development of Traffic Safety Culture in the Mind of Youth

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Akhmadjon E. Djuraev


Life itself shows that the minds of young people in every country are being enriched with different philosophical views, and that they are increasing their interest in learning the modern mechanisms of the struggle for living. Today, such changes are related to the issue of ensuring traffic safety on the roads, and we can see the harmony of the growing young generation with this problem every day, in every city and village. Inculcating the culture of traffic safety in the minds of students and young people in the educational activities carried out in educational institutions is becoming more and more important day by day. Increasing the traffic safety culture of young people in the preschool and school education system directly serves to reduce accidents related to them on the roads. In the article, special attention is paid to the philosophical observation of issues related to the field based on the creativity of these processes in the minds of students. On the basis of educational work in educational institutions, the reforms of the new Uzbekistan were revealed to the minds of young people in the development of activities aimed at regulating the conditions compatible with road safety. In it, educational institutions of our republic have scientifically researched ways of teaching socio-philosophical aspects of road traffic in the minds of students of our republic, and approaching reality with innovations in the changes in society. Today, it is time for every citizen to deeply understand his responsibility in the development of young people, and especially to strengthen public control of these processes. We need to improve the understanding of road safety culture in the hearts of every young man and woman, as well as the changes taking place in every field, and to increase their legal consciousness.


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Akhmadjon E. Djuraev