The Verbal Factors of Shah Jan Sirhandi (d. 1303 AH) in his book: Al-Safiya fi Tahdhi Al-Kafiya

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Salwa Hammoud Mohamed, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ali Hussein


Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, and after, it is not hidden from the students the interest of the grammarians in the verbal factors, and the reason for this interest lies in the fact that the verbal factor includes the pronunciation and the meaning as a whole, and it is not hidden from the students the importance of the explanations that dealt with the sufficientness of Ibn al-Hajib, among which is the book of al-Safiya which It is distinguished by the abundance of its grammatical material, in addition to the large number of verbal factors contained in it. In this research, we dealt with the verbal factors in the book (Al-Safiya fi Tahdir Al-Kafiya), so the research was marked by (The verbal factors of Al-Sarhindi in his book Al-Safiya fi Tashradi Al-Kafiya), and the nature of the research required To open with an introduction followed by a summary of the verbal factors and their divisions according to the grammarians, then we divided the subject of the research into three sections . Because it is the strongest verbal clues to which the cases of inflection are linked, and we devoted the second section to the names, and our investigations concluded with letters, then we folded the research with a conclusion for the most prominent results, followed by proven sources and references.



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Salwa Hammoud Mohamed, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ali Hussein