The jurisprudential issues in which two aspects of the Shafi’is were mentioned in the book Al-Bayan by Al-Omrani The chapter on the hours in which it is forbidden to pray A comparative study

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Abdul Rahman Muayad Fayyad, Dr. Ali Hussein Abbas Al-Issawi


That Than Assist Imam Yahya son my dad The good Urban in distinguish it With a book Statement And his fame And limit Dials - and them what rose in it two faces - that it books on doctrine Shafei, and he doctrine rich with his sources It goes With his knowledge and his jurisprudence, starting by the imam Shafi'i that situation, then imams friends faces Whose He was for them preferred in Spread their opinions on appearance faces and issues doctrinal, As well as on environment Urban that She was on doctrine Shafi'i which I saved workbooks And prepped jurists, And the method is similar to the other method jurists; where quotes By verses Quranic, and conversations antiquities, consensus, and guides Reasonable from measurement and approval and others, no Committed that in all matters jurisprudence, but rather according what required indication, And often what He depends on evidence mental, Especially in matters sub minute.



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Abdul Rahman Muayad Fayyad, Dr. Ali Hussein Abbas Al-Issawi