Literal And Kinesthetic Phonetic Substitution A Dialectical Phonetic Study In The Interpretation Of (Al- Kifaya Fi-Tafsir ) By Al- Hiri (D. 430 AH)

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Haneen Rasmi Mutlaq
Assist.Prof. Adnan Juma Odeh


Thank God, thank you very much. No It is cut off, befitting the majesty of his greatness, and prayers and peace be upon
.the one after whom there is no prophet, our master Muhammad and his family and companions
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The research in Arabic dialects is a wide and fertile field for linguistic studies. This aspect of the linguistic study has
received great attention from linguists, past and present, and among the scholars who had a participation in mentioning
the dialects, alerting them to them, and directing them in his writings: Imam Abu Abd al-Rahman Ismail bin Ahmad Bin
Abdullah Al-Hiri Al-Nisaburi Al-Dareer (d.: 430 AH).
Which I chose to study what he declared from the dialects contained in his interpretation (sufficiency in interpretation)
It was my desire that prompted me to have the subject of my study be: (Study Dialectism according to Al-Hiri (d.: 430
AH) in his book Al-Kifayat fi-Tafseer) and the reason for choosing this topic is to present a new scientific material that
none of the researchers had previously discovered, because the importance of this subject lies after it the first linguistic .
material (dialectism) that was done in the book Al-Kifayat fi- Tafsir.

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Haneen Rasmi Mutlaq

University of Fallujah - College of Islamic Sciences

Assist.Prof. Adnan Juma Odeh

University of Fallujah - College of Islamic Sciences