Food Delivery Industry: A Cross-Sectional Study of Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction after the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Liu Jia Yu, Abdul Rahman bin S Senathirajah, Rasheedul Haque,


In the current economic situation, consumers no longer focus on the price, quality, and other functions of goods or services but pursue for more satisfaction in the consumption process. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of Internet technology, the food delivery market has developed rapidly and attracted more and more people to enter the market. In the fierce competition, food delivery businesses gradually realize the importance of customer participation. This study will use a causal explanatory research design. It will distribute the online questionnaire through a convenience sampling technique to specific locations in China. Literature studies have yielded the following conclusions: the convenience of the delivery platform, information accuracy, and personalization characteristic of the electronic food platform can affect customer satisfaction with the delivery platform. This paper will summarize the analysis of the research conclusion, put forward the corresponding management suggestion to improve customer satisfaction, and discuss the limitations of this research and provide suggestions for future research directions.

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