Impact of Education and Training on Technology Adoption by Agri Producers

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Ali Esnaashariyeh, Gupta Kirti, Rose Anthony, Ray Suresh


In India, considering the growth of the population, solutions should be found for the security of production, in this regard, the automation of agriculture is justified. The purpose of this research is the adoption and management of technology in the agricultural sector with special reference to horticulture. This research is a survey (field) type. In field research, the researcher examines the variable in the real scene. The general method of this research is descriptive-analytical. The statistical population of this research includes all Agri producers (farmers) working in the Maharashtra region, whose number is 3200. Since the members of each section have similar characteristics on average according to the research needs (gardening as a common characteristic), a simple random sampling method is used to equalize the chance of all members of the community to be selected as sample members. Based on the Cochran test standards, 343 agri producers (farmers) were selected as members of the statistical sample in this research. The findings of the research show that education have a significant relationship with the level of acceptance of agriculture and technology by agri producers (farmers).

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