Role of Social Media in Promoting Electronic Products: An Empirical Study

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Dr. Uma Durgude, Dr. S. B. Sawant, Ashvini A. Chavan


With the advent of internet, the world has come online. Internet with the help of application and social media websites changed thereality. Social Media has changed the face of the advertisement world. The world-wide adoption of internet around the world has brought it closer. Further with integration of electronic goods and the introduction of internet of things the outlook of the world changed. Electronic products and consumption goods are today a necessity. With the advancement of technology and constant up gradation of electrical appliances updating customers of latest research and development is crucial. Social media today is promoting electronic products replacing the traditional advertisements. It has become a very important tool for the Brands to promote electronic goods at cheaper prices. The role of social media becomes is to bring consumers closer to their desired electronic goods. The study highlights the importance of social media in promoting electronic products.The researcher had surveyed 200 marketers of electronic products to know the role of social media in promoting electronic products and impact of social media marketing on promoting electronic products.The study concludes that there is significant impact of social media marketing on promoting electronic products.

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