Decentralized Social Media Application with NFT Marketplace

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Dr. V. Ceronmani Sharmila, Hrithik S Raj, Stephin T, Venkatapathi Raju. P


Social media is always in a threat where the data is being stored in a centralized database. Although there are different ways of protecting the data even though there are several numbers of possibilities for being attacked like eavesdropping, Man in the Middle attack, Account takeovers through various attacks. In Many Countries social media and their chats and their activities are getting tracked by the government. We Present ASFALIS, A Decentralized social media application with Realtime chat Dapp which ensures decentralization, Rigid, censorship resistance, and data security.

The data will be stored inside of the blockchain and create a global copy of the data in each node. Only authorized users can access those data by swapping the private key on the blockchain. There is no need for trusted intermediaries here and the whole system is decentralized. Asfalis consists of its Own NFT Marketplace which allows the users to commercialize their works or creativities in the form of NFT and also, they can mint and put up their NFT as the profile pictures in ASFALIS.

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