Design of 243 Level Trinary Ladder Multilevel Inverter using VHDL

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R. Nithya, Dr. T. Anitha, Dr. M. Arulaalan


In this paper, a 243 level Trinary Switched Ladder Multi-level Inverter based on a novel non-carrier switching angles algorithm is proposed. The novel switching angle algorithms generate the triggering angles for the Digital Pulse Width Modulation signals. The advantage of the non-carries switching angle algorithm is the precision of the switching signals. The Trinary Switched Ladder Multi-Level Inverter is a topology that utilizes two wings of DC sources with switch controls for the generation of the Multi-Level Inverter levels. The 243–level Trinary Switched Multi-Level Inverter requires 10 switches that split 5 each between the positive wing and negative wing respectively. The 10 switching patterns are developed using the VHDL code to control the proposed switched ladder Inverter. The validation of the proposed method is achieved using the VHDL code cross-compiled in MATLAB SIMULINK. The parameters namely %THD, Vpeak, Vrms are manipulated for the proposed 243-level Trinary Switched Ladder Multi-Level Inverter

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