Context Based Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Tweets

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Sindhu C, Vinoth Kumar R, T Charandeep Reddy, Kavitha C


Much of the latest research on Sentiment Analysis on Twitter is related to the notion that sentiment is a feature of an incoming message. However, tweets are distributed across the sources of messages, such that a broader background, e.g., the topic, is still possible. With the advent of the social networking age, there has been a boom in user-generated material. Microblogging platforms have millions of users expressing their views on a regular basis because of their trademark quick and easy form of speech. We suggest and analyze a model in order to collect the feeling from the well-known Twitter real-time microblogging site, where users share "anything" in real time. We clarify one in this article Hybrid methodology to identify semantic direction of opinion terms in tweets in both corpus and dictionary dependent approaches. The effectiveness and performance of the new program was seen in a case study. The importance of this qualitative knowledge would be discussed in this research. As a sequential classification function, we modeled the issue of polarity detection across streams. In the form of a biased support vector machine model implemented in the SVM algorithm, whole sequences were assigned the feeling polarity. It is especially important as the method is versatile and needs no manually coded tools.

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