Research on Factors Affecting Re-Employment Outcomes of Youth in Vietnam

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The article talks about youth unemployment in Vietnam from 2015-2020. Research on factors affecting job search results of unemployed youth in Vietnam. Youth unemployment is an urgent social problem, challenging the country's development, reducing the opportunities for work, dedication and development of young people, and requiring decisions —and timely solutions. The article has new academic and theoretical contributions: (i) Systematize the theories related to re-employment and re-employment results, and at the same time, define a clear view of re-work and re-employment. Results of re-employment of the unemployed; (ii) Developing and testing a new model of factors (human capital, job search motivation and unemployment insurance policy) affecting the re-employment of officially unemployed youth in Vietnam through the mediating factor is job-seeking behaviour; (iii) Adding the income satisfaction variable to reflect the job search results of unemployed youth; (iv) Add factors related to the Vietnamese context that affect the re-employment of unemployed youth such as foreign language proficiency, job-seeking skills, family pressure and social pressure into the model. Study; The factor of unemployment insurance policy to support the unemployed according to the provisions of the law is also included in the research model. The results show that: Human capital (including factors: work experience, professional qualifications, work skills, foreign language proficiency and job search skills) has a positive impact both directly and indirectly (through job-seeking behaviour) on the re-employment results of unemployed youth; Job seeking motivation factors affect re-employment results through job-seeking behaviour. The unemployment support regime under the current unemployment insurance policy in Vietnam has a positive relationship with the outcome of finding a job again through job-seeking behaviour. The job counselling and introduction regime have the most apparent impact on the results of job re-employment; unemployment benefits not only compensate people after unemployment but also motivate them to continue participating in the job search process. Job search.

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