Recommendations for Vietnam Export Situation of Agriculture products - and a case of sea products export in Ca Mau province

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Pham Hung Nhan, Trong Nghia Do, Nguyen Trong Diep, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy


In recent years, Vietnam agriculture sector face many challenges and difficulties from natural disasters (and disease affects the production and trade of agro-forestry-fishery product) and also it will expand to global markets.

Next, we see: The seafood export market of Ca Mau province has recently been expanded thanks to free trade agreements. In particular, the local seafood export turnover this year has increased by more than 42% over the same period.

After the policy of economic restructuring and production transformation according to Directive No. 09/CT/TU, dated 7/7/2000 of the 12th Ca Mau Provincial Party Committee on investment in production from agriculture - fishery - from forestry to fishery - agriculture - forestry, especially the policy of converting some rice-growing areas to shrimp farming, makes the agricultural picture of Ca Mau province more diverse.

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