Prunus armeniaca Seeds Extract Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Enhances Cell Death in Cancer Cells

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Noor Sabar Khalaf Mohammad, Asst. prof. Dr. Alia Hussein Ali, Lect. Dr. Firas Subhi Salah


The phytochemicals proved to be as promising agents against many diseases and showed potential efficiency in cancer treatment. The current study aimed to investigate the effect of Iraqi apricot seed extract on cancer cells line (AMJ-13, MCF-7, SR, HRT-18) in addition to the normal cells line (REF) . The results showed that alcoholic extract had a significant cytotoxic effect on the AMJ13, MCF-7, SR and HRT-18 cell lines in after 72h of exposure. However, the extract did not show a cytotoxic effect on the REF cells after 72h of exposure. The number of MCF-7 colonies significantly decreased after extract treatment. Moreover, the dead cells in MCF-7 cell line significantly increased after extract exposure when compared with untreated cells. In conclusion, our results highlighted the effect of overcoming cancer as a single agent or in combination with traditional cancer therapy.

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