A study to assess the structure teaching program on knowledge regarding postnatal care among staff nurses of Pune, Maharashtra

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Shital Pimpalekar


Introduction: The post-delivery period a phase of change after prenatal period when the structural and functional change of pregnancy are overturned and body proceeds to the standard state. Aims: To assess effectiveness of structure teaching Program regarding post natal care on the knowledge and practice among staff nurses. Research Methods: One group Pretest-Posttest research design & quantitative approach was used. Online data was collected from staff nurses and structure Health teaching was conducted for this staff nurses on postnatal care. Results: Total data and structure teaching was provided to 100 staff nurses but data received from59 samples. Non-probability convenient sampling techniques was used to select the sample. Less pre-test score OF knowledge and practice regarding post-natal care among Primigravida mothers. Health Education was given about different aspects of post-delivery carei.e.diet, personal hygiene, postnatal exercise and breast feeding. The study findings revealed that there as an improvement in the post-test knowledge scores and a Positive correlation was seen between knowledge and knowledge about practice scores.

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