Pre-eclampsia and HIV repercussions for development of the renal diseases- review

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Seeta Devi, Dipali Dumbre, Ranjana Chavan


Pre-eclampsia (PE), is an endothelial condition that impairs renal function in pregnancy, and is associated to a higher risk of developing cardiovascular and chronic renal diseases in future. Guidelines of the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes highlights the joint relevance of glomerular filtration rate and albuminuria in defining the regularity of renal function surveillance. The objective of this study to review the pre-eclampsia and HIV repercussions for developing the renal diseases. As per the review, it is believed that acute kidney injury persists and continues during and after postnatal period among the women suffered with pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome and HIV infection. HIV-1 infections, preeclampsia and ARTs all have varied effects on endothelium function. Endothelial dysfunction prevails in the combination of both diseases.This information will aid in our understanding of the impact of HIV and ART on immunological restoration in preeclampsia. However, further research studies could be advancedand reinforced by deployment of the specific validation definitions and categorical systems. Researchers may require to develop a refined animal model that assists the futuristic researchers to further explain the mechanism and consequent problems associated with the preeclampsia, HIV infection and renal diseases.

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