Social and psychological Impact on the children of the parents with domestic violence

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Dr. Jasneet Kaur, Dr. Sheela Upendra, Shital Barde


Physical abuse affects a lot of kids who are exposed to domestic violence.  Long-term overall health issues are more likely to affect children who suffer from this condition or who actually are abused. Children will be much more likely to commit crimes in their future relations if they observe conflict amongst their parents. The present study aims to identify the psychological  and social impact on children with parents of domestic violence and to find the association with social and psychological aspects with  demographic characteristics. A quantitative approach and descriptive survey was used for the study. 100 children were selected from 12-17 years of age through convenience sampling. Participants were contacted and scheduled by an interviewer. A questionnaire was prepared and executed. Written consent was taken from the mothers before the study. Mothers were debriefed before the execution of the study. An inclusion and exclusion criteria was set before the study. The results showed that maximum children faced anxiety and post traumatic stress as a psychological impact and feeling of isolation along with the other social impacts. The study concluded that It is important to note that family violence and child neglect are social problems that reflect the degree of development of the society, in addition to being purely medical issues. Despite certain advancements in the nation's law protects children's rights, society has to take regulation and adherence seriously.

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