A study of some cytogenetic variables in a sample of patients with polydactyly and acromegaly in Anbar Governorate

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Khadjia abd al-jaleel saleh awad, Dr. Samir M. Khalaf


Local gigantism (acromegaly) and polydactyly are one of the genetic problems that some members of society suffer from, due to the various psychological and health damages that result from it. The growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1 axis are among the most important reasons that overlap in the emergence and development of this case. Also, the genetic causes related to mutations and chromosomal Abnormalities have an effective role in the formation and development of the case. The current study indicates that there is a positive history of the case represented by (5) individuals out of (22) cases, in addition to a significant increase (P≤0.05) in the concentration of insulin-like growth factor-1 in the serum of the study sample  Compared with its concentration in the serum of the control sample, and there was no significant difference between the concentration of growth hormone in the serum of the study sample compared with its concentration in the serum of the control sample. The study also showed a significant increase in the Mitotic index among the study sample compared to the control sample, and the presence of numerical chromosomal Abnormalities (9%) and structural (31%). The causes of these Abnormalities may be due to a variety of external and internal influences.

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