Research Opportunities in Needleless Anaesthesia in Dentistry– A Review

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Prawin Angel Michael, D. Pamela, Vignesh L, J. Jency Joseph, R. Meenal, F. T. Josh


The objective of the paper is framed in three folds:(i) This paper is focused on emphasizing that needleless anaesthesian technique is a suitable alternative to the conventional painful injection method employed for the desensitisation of the teeth. (ii) The results and the limitations presented would assist the future to work further in the field so that the researchers don’t have to commence the review of literature right from the start, (iii) The study indicate that iontophoric method could be very well applied in dental field.  In the present work, 45 tooth samples were used for analyzing using SEM and E-DAX methods and the observed results were presented in the results and discussion section of the paper.

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