Smart Cafeteria

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Sasirekha N, Shreenivas K M, Swetha N


This application is used to improve the canteen or restaurants. Using this application, restaurants or canteens can take the order themselves. They have food in the canteen at the time of more crowded times. Most of the people can go to the canteen at the same time, because, in educational instructions, corporate offices giving the same lunchtime or all employees, so within few hours the canteen employees serve a crowd. So, they need an application for taking orders online. In this application, people can order food online using sites, once they have paid for food, they can get the order id or booking id. They have to note that id and take it with them while they go to the canteen. They should show that id to the canteen service people. The service people can verify that id and serve the food to the concerned person.

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