A Study on the Influence of Consumer Satisfaction and Trust on Consumer Loyalty while purchasing Organic Food Products

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Krishna. R, Dr. P. Balasubramanian


High competition within the target market has induced entrepreneurs to figure out the ways through which sustainability can be ensured and to attain advantage over other competing firms. Thus every business entity is organized in such a manner that it identifies and understands consumer’s needs and preferences. A firm’s overall success and its long term competitiveness is often influenced by the extent of satisfaction and trust possessed by the each consumers towards firm’s products and services. This paper is an attempt to critically examine the relationship between consumer satisfaction and trust on consumer loyalty while purchasing organic food products. Assumptions were formulated as there exist a substantial positive connection between consumer trust and loyalty, consumer satisfaction and loyalty; and consumer satisfaction and trust. The research findings support the formulated hypothesis and states that consumer’s satisfaction towards organic products has been identified as the key influencer on consumer loyalty. Moreover, consumer trust for organic products is affected by their level of satisfaction which substantiates consumer satisfaction to be a forebear of consumer trust.

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