GC-MS analysis of bioactive compounds in methanolic extract of Seeds of Elletaria cardamomum

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Azim Ansari, Mohsin Hasan Khan, Swapanil Yadav


Elletaria cardamomum or small cardamom is known as the, ‘Queen of Spices’, since its dried fruit is highly priced as a spice around the world, and in India it is considered the second essential ‘national spice’. The GC-MS analysis of methanolic extract of seeds was perfomed to confirm the chemical composition of seeds of Elletaria cardamomum.  The GC-MS analysis confirmed presence of 39 compunds. The major compounds were trisdibutylphenyl phosphate (48.19 %), nonadecane (6.04%), cetane (4.55 %) with other compounds like clionasterol (2.84%), heneicosane (2.58 %), glycidyl oleate (2.51%) and anozol (2.27 %). This study confirmed the presence of many phytochemical compounds with antimicrobial activity.

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