Medicine Induced Hypoglycemia in HIV Patients - A Review Article

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Dipali Umesh Dumbre, Ranjana Chavan, Sita Devi


The further most progressive stage of Human Immunodeficiency virus infection, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, may take more time to manifest depending on the person. Treatment regimens for this disease can include antiretroviral drug combinations. Antiretroviral therapy, as it is now administered, reduces viral replication while enabling the immune system of the patient to heal, strengthen, and regain the capacity to fight HIV infection, opportunistic infections, some types of cancer, and other infections. Since 2016, World Health Organization has promoted Treat All, which advocates for all HIV-positive people to receive lifelong antiretro viral therapy, regardless of their clinical state. This includes children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. WHO recommends prompt ART introduction for all HIV-positive people in addition to the Treat All strategy, including giving ART to those who are ready to start treatment the same day as their diagnosis. Kenteu B,etal. In his study stated that Co-trimoxazole-induced hypoglycemia is a rare but well-recognized side effect. The mechanisms imply a sulfonylurea-like mechanism since they stimulate and enhance insulin secretion. Therefore, when co-trimoxazole is used with glipizide or glyburide, severe hypoglycemia may happen.  There is still much to learn about how pentamidines produce hypoglycemia. The purpose of this study is to provide you with a brief summary of recent findings on hypoglycemia brought on by HIV treatment. Due to space restrictions, a new study on hypoglycemia brought on by medication cannot be thoroughly examined. We do, however, highlight gaps in the literature that contribute to our lack of knowledge of the socioeconomic factors behind persistent racial/ethnic hypoglycemia in HIV patients in order to inform future research attempts.This review of hypoglycemia induced by the medicine used in the treatment of HIV infection shows that there are many studies shown on this and all the studies shows that there is hypoglycemia episode in patient with HIV infection who receive the Co-trimoxazole medicine for the infection The review is helpful to understand the need of the interventions for the prevention of hypoglycemia and the management of hypoglycemia during treatment

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