Marketing Strategies of Fish and Fishery Products in India: An Empirical Study of Market Intermediaries

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Niranchana Shri Viswanathan, Mohit Yadav, Amit Sharma


The objectives of this study were to understand the cutting-edge marketing strategies employed in the fisheries sector and to derive lessons from their accomplishments for expansion and duplication in comparable socio-political-economic situations across the country. To help understand fish markets, self-help organizations (SHGs), producer organizations, fisheries development firms, fisherman organizations, and private organizations have all taken part. Fish marketing is getting fish or fish derivatives from the producer to the consumer. Marketing frequently aims to close the gap in revenue between regions with a fish scarcity and those with an abundance. Some characteristics and elements related to the branding of fish products necessitate using specialist skills. The popularity and availability of fish goods in the marketplace and other industries are characterized by the food spoilage of fish products and unsatisfactory and subpar processing plants. However, instead, poor quality prepared foods, among others, can indeed be lessened by paying consideration to the essential advertising and factors that influence buying and selling.

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