The Development of Art Education in New China: Case Study on Hu Yichuan

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Xiufeng Lu, Anong Rungsuk


This Article aimed to study Hu Yichuan's outstanding contribution to the development of Chinese art and art education from the establishment of new China's art education system, the cultivation of a large number of artists and educators, rich art creation practice, and art education thoughts with great significance of the times; and to study the process and influencing factors of Hu Yichuan’s art education; to study Hu Yichuan’s modern significant of teaching and training made in the promoting the development of Chinese art education.The sample was conducted for the students of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and 1000 of them were randomly selected among 7000 students as the respondents.  Analysis data by Descriptive statistics and Content Analysis. The research results were found as follows:

1.He created a higher art education system in New China, he was courageous in teaching reform, creating a unique teaching model and achieving remarkable results;

  1. he had always been at the forefront of the times and was world-renowned for his distinctive artistic personality and unique artistic style;

  2. he had spent more than 60 years in art education, he had formed a creative art education thought, that is, political, contemporary, people-oriented, national, practical, and innovative, which had important reference value and reference significance for current art education, especially higher art education.

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