Visitors’ perceived symbol, experience and behavioral intention in folk festival: take Guangfu Temple Fair an example

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Yuanfei He, Thawascha Dechsubha, ZhangYan


This article aimed to study (1) the constituent dimensions of visitors’ perceived symbol at Guangfu Temple fair (2) dimensions of visitors’ perceived symbol impact on visitors' experience and behavioral intention (3) the content of symbol perception. Taking the 10th Guangfu Temple Fair as the case, this paper explores the influence of visitors’ symbol perception on experience and behavioral intention for folk festival through structural equation model. A total of 475 valid questionnaires were collected. SPSS and Amos statistical software were used for descriptive statistical analysis, reliability test, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model analysis. The research results were found as follows:

1 The folk symbols of Guangfu Temple Fair have significant attraction for visitors to experience local culture, innovative symbols and social activities. The positive influence of folk activity symbol on affective experience is not strong.

2 The positive influence of symbol perception of entertainment activities on the experience of local symbols, innovative symbols, emotional symbols and social symbols indicates that entertainment activities are the carrier of tourists' experience of localism, creativity, emotional expression and social behavior.

3.Tourists' perception of folk symbols and recreational symbols has a positive effect on the experience of local symbol experience, innovative symbol experience, emotional symbol experience and social symbol experience, and these symbol experiences further positively affect behavioral intention. The organizers of Guangfu Temple Fair use four elements: local, innovative, emotional, and social to attract tourists to participate in the activities of Guangfu Temple Fair.

Based on the above conclusions, we can further promote the development of folk festival tourism from the aspects of symbol shaping, experience activity planning and marketing.

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